Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council
Work-in-Progress CRA Plan is available
for review....  Riviera Beach is on the move!

The plan presented is a truly remarkable work and is stunningly presented.
It was received with great enthusiasm and near universal acceptance.
It is highly recommended for your review.  Please comment to your elected officials.
Citizen input and support is vital for a successful redevelopment effort.


Ocean Mall view from Blue Heron Boulevard looking toward the ocean. By Seth Harry.

The entry plaza looking toward ocean. By Seth Harry.

Elevation of the Ocean Mall looking from beach toward mainland. 
By Seth Harry.

Several areas of the City have their own graphics pages:
13th Street Infill
Blue Heron Boulevard North District
City Marina District
Marine District
Ocean Mall District  

Centennial Park looking NE.  Marina is on the right side.

Boys and Girls Club side elevation. By Doug Devlin. 

The Entire Work-in-Progress Presentation
of Friday October 26, 2007, can be viewed here [5.8MEG].

The Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council - Riviera Beach Page
can be accessed here.  It contains all the presented graphics and comments, etc..

Let your elected officials know what you think about the
Revamp of the CRA Plan.

E-Mail Forms for:
Mayor Masters
Cedrick Thomas, Chairman
Dawn Pardo, Vice chair
Shelby Lowe
Judy Davis
Lynne Hubbard