Your Citizens Group supported lawsuits that have resulted in the original developer agreeing to dramatically reduce the size of the building.  The City has reluctantly accepted this agreement.  This issue is now probably moot as WCI has purchased the property

Island Spa Settlement Synopsis

In response to the City’s approval of the proposed Island Spa Development four individual lawsuits were filed against the City by persons who were sponsored by Citizens for Responsible Growth for Riviera Beach.  Those lawsuits sought both to overturn the site plan approval and contest the legality of the new R H Zoning Ordinance.  This organization did not contest or oppose redevelopment of the Canopy Palm site in general but rather opposed the project because we felt it was too large and too dense.  After the suits were filed the developer intervened in the lawsuits and our representatives participated in two days of mediation directly with the developers.  After much hard work we came to substantial agreement on a settlement.  The settlement was then put into writing and presented to the City.  The City has recently approved the settlement agreement which follows in its entirety.

The basic points of a settlement agreement are as follows:

1.  The Island spa project which was originally presented to include 408 units (later reduced to 370) will be further reduced to 306 units, a 25 % reduction from the initial proposal.

2.  The overall size of the project will be reduced from approximately 800,000 square feet to approximately 600,000 square feet, a 25 % reduction.

3.  The parking garage was originally approximately 50 feet from the road right-of-way.  The garage will now be 100 feet from the road right-of-way.  Further, it is likely but not mandated that the height of the garage will be further reduced from its current six stories (originally planned as ten stories.)

4.  The main tower as approved extended eastward of the Coastal Construction Control Line.  The tower will now be westward of the Coastal Construction Control Line.

5.  The two appeals which only relate to this development will be dismissed in their entirety and those portions of the other two suits which relate only to this development will also be dismissed.  This will permit this developer to proceed with the development process.  Those portions of the two suits contesting the legality of the R H Zoning District will remain in effect until that ordinance is changed.  If the ordinance is not changed we will proceed to litigate the legality of that ordinance.

Many many people worked hard or contributed funds in support of this cause.  Thank you all for your support.  As a result of your support, we believe that we have achieved a satisfactory compromise.  If you have any questions with regard to this settlement please contact us and someone will either return the phone call or the e-mail to answer your questions.  If you would like anyone to come to speak to you or your group regarding this resolution we would be happy to do so.

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